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We understand the importance of empowering the patient. In order to do this, you must provide the tools to reduce pain and most of all improve quality of life and function. We offer many “new” and “old” techniques that we individualize to the patients condition and needs. We understand that every patient is different and offer a more comprehensive approach to caring for patients. In rare instances, medication management is the only available option such as in cancer pain. However, in most cases, there are more options. These may include injections, physical therapy, psychology, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes as well as adjunctive meds.

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Why should I choose Active Life for my pain management?

Dr. Wendi Lundquist, DO, FAAPMR, DABPM

Dr. Daniel P. Smith, MD, FAEM

Mandie Anderson, PA-C, MMS

Patient Testimonials

I’ve been competing in strength athletics since the age of 15 and have been competing at a professional level for the last 5 years. It wasn’t until 2014 that I needed to seek treatment for a patella tendon tear that I received while competing at the Commerce World’s Strongest Man in China. I had only heard about PRP treatments and the great benefits that it could have on ones injuries, that’s when I found Dr. Lundquist at Active Life Physical Medicine & Pain Center in Avondale, Arizona.
To this day I have received Orthovisc injections to both knees along with PRP. I have also received PRP treatments for muscle tears and other tendon tears that I’ve obtained while competing at World’s Strongest Man. I feel that without Dr. Lundquist knowledge in sports medicine and PRP that I would have had to have surgery. The PRP treatments have played a huge role in keeping me at an elite level. I have and will continue to refer other athletes for their injuries to Dr. Lundquist.
Jerry Pritchett, 2x World Strongest Man Finalist
I met Dr. Lundquist as an injured professional athlete. After having shoulder surgery with very little success I decided to head in a different direction. Dr. Lundquist is at the vanguard of today’s medical procedures, these procedures not only returned the functionality of my shoulder but strengthened it in the process. Today I recommend Dr. Lundquist to all my colleagues in professional baseball. She treated me not only with respect and an exceeding professionalism, she also values discretion which is important to an injured athlete. Dr. Lindquist is the best doctor I have had the pleasure of knowing and I would recommend her highly for any form of injury or pain treatment.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Wendi Lundquist and the Active Life practice for a little over five years and am so grateful that I found them! Dr. Lundquist is an incredibly smart doctor with wonderful bedside manner. Moreover, she has experienced pain herself, so she knows how debilitating it can be, and is passionate about helping those who struggle with pain. As a patient of Active Life, I have a team of advocates rooting for me, who never fail to have my back- whether it be working with my insurance company to ensure I get the coverage I deserve or fitting me into the schedule when I have a side effect from a new medication. I’m so grateful to have Dr. Lundquist as my healthcare provider and give her my highest recommendation.