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Active Life Physical Medicine & Pain Center
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Arizona Pain Center3400 N. Dysart Road, Suite H131
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Dr. Lundquist

Active Life Physical Medicine & Pain Center

Active Life is committed to our patients! We understand the importance of empowering the patient. In order to do this, you must provide the tools to reduce pain and most of all improve quality of life and function. We offer many "new" and "old" techniques that we individualize to the patients condition and needs. We understand that every patient is different and offer a more comprehensive approach to caring for patients. In rare instances, medication management is the only available option such as in cancer pain. However, in most cases, there are more options. These may include injections, physical therapy, psychology and adjunctive medications.

Why should I choose Active Life for my pain management? Dr Lundquist’s training in physical medicine and rehab and being an osteopathic physician provides a uniquely well rounded approach to all types of pain. Pain is complicated and you need someone who understands every aspect of pain with a thorough knowledge of joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves. This understanding coupled with sincere compassion makes Active Life your choice to improve your quality of life and decrease pain.

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