What Is Alpha-2-macroglobulin Injection?

a non-surgical treatment to overcome osteoarthritis
Alpha-2-Macroglobulin, or A2M, is a naturally occurring molecule found in your blood that acts as a powerful protector against cartilage breakdown. A2M attaches to and removes the destructive enzymes, called proteases, that damage cartilage cells and tissues in the joint or disc space.
The A2M Injection is a breakthrough treatment that can capture and neutralize these enzymes – effectively halting the destruction of the cartilage seen and felt in Osteoarthritis.

How A2M Works

For the majority of patients with pain, their arthritic joint or disc space contains destructive enzyemes that the body can handle.

While the A2M Molecule is our body’s own defense mechanism, it is unable to enter the joint or disc space in large enough quantities due to its large size and complex structure.

As a result, it is necessary to inject additional A2M into the affected area to restore balance and pain relief.

A2M has two binding sites which capture proteases like a venus fly trap. Once captured, the bound A2M and proteses are eliminated from the joint space through your body’s natural processes.

Approximately 27 million adult americans are afflicted with osteoarthritis (oa)

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common joint disease in which involves the “wear and tear” of the joints cartilage, ligaments, joint lining, and bone. OA is characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage (the cushion between the ends of each bone), deterioration of the ligaments and tendons as well as various degrees of inflammation of the joint lining. Symptoms of Osteoarthritis include pain and stiffness in the joint, cracking or grinding noises through joint movement and decreased function of the joint.

An A2M Injection has a significant amount of benefits compared to other osteoarthritis treatments such as steroid injections and medications.
As other OA treatments will help the symptoms temporarily, A2m injections help rejuvenate, repair, and heal damaged tissue and cartilage, prevents or removes the root cause of the painful swelling and inflammation, and contains growth factors as well as other regenerative factors that aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of the joint – making A2M a more permanent solution to OA.
The A2M injection contains a concentrated dose of the molecule that is 6X more than what already occurs in your body naturally. When this level of A2M is directly injected into the arthritic joint or disc space, it can provide the necessary amount needed to bind and remove the destructive enzymes that are damaging the cartilage and tissues.

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