What are headaches?

A tension headache is  a common type of headache that can be painful and frustrating for many people. It tends to start in the back of the head and then move forward to surround your head.

The most common symptom of a tension headache is mild to moderate pain in your head. This pain is dull and aching. It can feel like a tight band surrounding your head. The muscles of your neck and shoulders may feel tense and tender. Your pain may last for a short time or for days. It may recur, and become a chronic problem.

A migraine is an intense, throbbing headache that may be accompanied by nausea or dizziness. A migraine can last from hours to days.

A typical migraine results in moderate to severe
pain. This pain is often felt on only one side of the head. The pain may interfere with a person’s activities. Symptoms may also include nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Some people see sparkling flashes of light, spots, or dazzling lines before a migraine. These are called “visual auras.”

What Causes Headaches?

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The Discseel ® Procedure

Conquer your headaches without surgery
This revolutionary and minimally-invasive procedure uses an FDA-approved, 100% natural biologic called Fibrin. The Fibrin is injected into the disc, which seals the tears and allows for natural healing to occur. When Fibrin is used in combination with PRP, the disc is not only sealed, but promotes healing. That is why Dr. Lundquist offers the Discseel® Procedure as a true alternative to spinal fusions at her office in Surprise, Arizona.

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