Patellar tendonitis, also commonly referred to as jumper’s knee is a condition that can cause severe knee pain. Jumper’s knee can cause high levels of pain with specific movements and can make it difficult to participate in the activities you love. However, there are many treatment options available for patellar tendonitis, and stem cell therapy provides a promising option that eliminates many of the potential problems of other treatments.

Stem cells are produced largely in the bone marrow, and they have the ability to create many different types of tissue depending on where they are transported to in the body. These cells can create both cartilage and connective tissues, which are beneficial to both the knee joint and the patellar tendon. By injecting stem cells directly into the
damaged area, they can help to regrow and repair damaged tissue while recruiting additional cells to the area to speed up the healing process.

Stem cells are a great alternative to other treatments for runner’s knee as they are associated with no side effects and are not as costly as many of the other options. Stem
cell therapy utilizes the body’s own healing processes, is minimally invasive, and addresses the problem, and can provide results effectively and efficiently.

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